Berlin Slowlympics

by James Glazebrook

Berlin Slowlympics 1

Last weekend was all about the Slowlympics, Slow Travel Berlin’s alternative to the London Games. Taking place on Tempelhofer Field, next to the the big screen showing the actual ‘lympics, the Slow Games were more sustainable, more charity-friendly (find out more here), and most of  all, far more fun than the real deal. Team überlin (from L-R: @edmacovaz, David from andBerlin, us, @caseypurkiss@ricomadiko; not pictured: @sarahlincoln) took the “slow” theme a little too literally, spending so much time doing our makeup – I mean, warpaint – that we missed the first event. Once there, our performance was less than dynamic, with the exception of ‘eadless Ed, who placed in the Chicken Run, Casey, who was under-biked  by some suspiciously professional-looking slow cyclists, and her fellow silly walker Zo, who overcame her inhibitions and monkeyed about with the best of them. Still, it was impossible to beat organiser Paul’s Silly Walk demo, immortalised here in lolfull GIF format!

Berlin Slowlympics 11

Berlin Slowlympics 2

Berlin Slowlympics 3

Berlin Slowlympics 4

Berlin Slowlympics 5

Berlin Slowlympics 6

Berlin Slowlympics 7

Berlin Slowlympics 8

Berlin Slowlympics 9

Berlin Slowlympics 10

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