The Weekend in Berlin, July 14-July 15

by James Glazebrook

The Weekend in Berlin, July 14-July 15

Open wide for some culture!!! This weekend, Berlin plays host to roller derby, alternative Olympics, an open-air short film festival and a Brazilian feijoada party – scroll down to find out what that is!

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Saturday 14th July

Berlin Bombshells VS. London Brawling!
“London calling to the faraway towns
Now war is declared – and battle come down”
Spiel gegen London Brawling am 14. Juli | Bear City Roller Derby"London calling to the faraway towns Now war is declared – and battle come down" Der Name ist Programm: wenn London Brawling gegen unsere…
I’m going to go ahead and admit that I don’t understand roller derby. I think the rules were explained in Whip It, but I was probably staring too hard at Drew Barrymore to listen. But I understand this much: roller derby is COOL

We know a bunch of the Bombshells, so we’re happy to support them in their grudge match against (boo!) London Brawling. According to this video, (I think) the Brits beat Berlin’s own last time – so you’d better show up and show them the bears mean business. Growl.  

London Rollergirls:Brawl Saints v Berlin Bombshellslrglive
Future Shorts Film Festival

An al-fresco date with the Berlin Film Society


The Berlin Film Society is hosting the world’s biggest pop-up film festival in one of Berlin’s best open-air cinemas, Freiluftkino Insel im Cassiopeia. 

The Summer Season of the Future Shorts Film Festival mixes up new, award-winning short films from around the world, in a programme that is the same duration as a feature film! For more info, check out the Facebook event or click through to the Berlin Film Society website below. 

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Sunday 15th July

The Berlin Slowlympics Warm Ups

Slow Travel Berlin gets in gear for its local response to the global games 

throwing wet shoesveader
No matter what happens at this year’s Olympics, my abiding memory of it will be the time, six years ago, when I refused to sign a petition supporting the London bid. My point, that London hardly needed to attract any more visitors, inflamed the clipboard toting-chump in front of me… Anyway rather than just whine about the games, like me and other Engländers, Slow Travel Berlin have come up with an alternative: the Slowlympics.
“Timed to coincide with the city’s very own screenings of the London Olympics, the Slowlympics will pay homage to the ancient games while making a tongue-in-cheek statement on our culture’s obsession with speed….

Suggested Games For Adults

• Currywurst / Doener Eating Competition 
• Teebeutelweitwurf (Tea Bag Throwing)
• Slow Bicycle Race
• 200m backward Sprint
• Extreme Ping Pong
• Individual Fall Down
• Double Footed Hurdles
• Bonving (Shoe Throwing)
• Hipster Carrying
• Toe Wrestling
• Wetball (netball with water balloons)
• Pea Rolling (rolling a pea with the nose)
• Standweitsprung (Standing Long Jump)” 

There’s a Warm Up event this Sunday, where you can get a preview of the sporting hilarity (laughletics?) involved. Unfortunately we can’t make it, but our team of fatty expatties will be at the main event (4th August). For more information, and to support a worthwhile cause, check out the Slowlympics betterplace page: 

The Berlin SlowlympicsSlow Travel Berlin is delighted to announce another unique event for 2012: The Slowlympics! Timed to coincide with the city’s very own sc…
Vam Bora at Agora Collective

A night of feijoada, caipirinhas and bossa nova

If you’ve ever met us in the (sallow) flesh, you won’t be surprised to learn that we’re *not* Brazilian. However, we do share a passion for baille funk, City of God and Brazilian waxes (OK, that’s just James). And we’ll be helping Neukölln co-working/art space Agora Collective celebrate its first birthday in the tradition of its founders’ home country: 

a feijoada (Brazilian stew) party. 

We’ll be there stuffing our faces with stew and caipirinhas, feeling all self-conscious as the beautiful people bossa nova – to join us, RSVP to by Friday. Facebook deets below, under the quirky video introduction to Agora.

Agora CollectiveSupernormals
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