3 Schwestern

by James Glazebrook

3 Schwestern

3 Schwestern (“Three Sisters”) is probably the best place to eat when your parents are in town. Last time we went there (with my in-laws), we saw another couple we knew hosting one of their fathers – and they told us that some mutual friends had taken their parents there earlier that week. Located in Kunstquarter Bethanien, the former hospital where we once caught a Chicks on Speed retrospective, 3 Schwestern serves up tasty, traditional German cuisine – and occasionally live rock n’ roll – in a charming historical setting. If you want to know more about the background of the restaurant, read this excellent Slow Travel Berlin review, or just ask Zoë’s dad, who consumed a leaflet about its history along with his potato dumplings. See you there – with your parents, natürlich!

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