A Thank You Note

by James Glazebrook

Wow, last night was great! We just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came down and helped us to celebrate our first year in Berlin/a year of überlin. We had a great, drunken ol’ time, and hope you all did too. Allow us to get all Oscary for a moment and thank all the people who “made this happen”:

Matt at The Black Lodge, for letting us do exactly what we wanted, putting up with a playlist that descended into dub narstiness (Spotify link, sorry!), and keeping the G&Ts, picklebacks and espresso martinis flowing into the early hours. Prost!

Foodie in Berlin for making our birthday cake. Forget us, this was the real star of the night – a chocolate two-tier cake with a cocoa nib mint middle, mint icing and Oreo cookie crumbs. I’ve started salivating just describing it, and it’s only been a few hours since my last slice! Thank you Suzan for making it, delivering it, and refusing to let us give you anything in return. You gem!

Nicole is the New Black for bringing along more cake! Red velvet cupcake omnomnoms, to be exact. Party: Yankified!

Capital Sister Raquel and her capital boyfriend Davide for the kind gift of some limoncello actually made by Davide’s dad. Salute!

Paul from Slow Travel Berlin for the gift that keeps on giving (liver disease), a copy of Around Berlin in 80 Beers. I love that all of our gifts consisted of either baked goods or booze. You guys just *get* us!

Everyone else! Seriously, without you there would be no überlin! Actually seriously, the warmth and openness with which we’ve been welcomed here has made Berlin really feel like home, and the past 12 months the best year of our lives so far. To many more!