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About us

We left London for Berlin in 2010, and have never looked back. Here, we found the creative freedom to follow our dreams, and the opportunity to leave our stamp on the city. We’ve benefited from the help of Berlin’s international community, and our goal is to pay this forward – by highlighting all the awesome things happening in the city, and supporting the talented people behind them. Meet the überlin family:

jamesüberlin’s wordsmith, James is a freelance writer and customer support dude. By day, he works for Basecamp, a company so passionate about remote working that they wrote a book about it, and he spends his spare time helping people move to Berlin and set up shop here.

ZoeZoë is a professional photographer and retoucher who has shot beautiful images for Harper’s Bazaar, Etsy and many more, on location across Europe and here in the überlin studio. Her latest project is When Olive Met, a blog inspired by canine companions and their stylish owners.

OliveOur little Frenchie Olive is the former Chief Happiness Officer at Factory, where she spread cheer throughout the resident startups. Berlin’s cutest office dog loves people, other pups, and is currently looking for laps to warm up. She’s also the star of When Olive Met.

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