KaffeeBar Jenseits des Kanals

by James Glazebrook

We’ve found it! Decent coffee in Graefekiez! KaffeeBar Jenseits des Kanals, simply “KaffeeBar” to the linguistically-challenged internationals already flocking here, has only been open a couple of weeks but is already getting a rep in our little ‘hood. The café latte rivals that of Passenger Espresso, so we no longer have to get the U-Bahn up to Schlesisches Tor for that (seriously), and the americano’s solid enough. We plan to find out more about the coffee, and the cake (chocolate zucchini omnomnom), as we hang out there like every day. Free wifi, friendly service and a fresh take on the peeling-paint-and-reclaimed-furniture aesthetic make this place vey appealing, and we could well end up treating it like our St. Oberholz-away-from-Oberholz… only not full of douchebags. Yet. Keep this under your Hut.