Music Montag: Bryan Ferry

by James Glazebrook

Our favourite lounge lizard has been all up in Berlin’s grill lately, with a concert at Admiralpalast and an exhibition of his photography at HBC. Allow us to bid him farewell (the exhibition finished yesterday) with a Roxy Music classic from yesteryear and, below that, a gig review from Mr Mike T West:

Bryan Ferry @ Admiralpalast, December 8th 2011

Pick any genre and you’ll quickly find a geek’s musical Jesus (except metal – we have Satan – oh, and dubstep). Bit unsure of both your sexual preferences and music taste? Lady Gaga. Enjoy hearing cats being dragged through broken glass? Bob Dylan. Borderline paedophile? Maroon 5. Like lookin’ good, moving like a dance floor Zeus and smelling like bottled gold? Motherpimpin’ Bryan Ferry.

Taking time off from making it acceptable to wear H&M and naming his bizarrely-monikered fox hunting kids, the sometime Roxy Music singer was back in town to make Berlin males jealous and impregnate all the remaining XX chromosomes. All in attendance were there to worship at the altar of Ferry!

Dipping into his solo stuff via Roxy classics and some tasty cover versions, The Fezzster (who only lets two people call him that, me and my dreams) swooned around the stage rockin’ that old man’s rockin’ that only old man rockers can rock. With nought but a cheeky sidewards smile at his captivated audience, evolution finally rendered physical reproduction utterly worthless.

Supported by a full band of fit dancers, guitar shredders, drummers plucked directly from the Stone Age and gorgeous multi-instrumental-mentally-fit-saxophone-ladies-in-leather-hot-pants everyone in attendance witnessed ear magic not heard since the last time Bryan Ferry played Berlin. So long you lush lothario you…

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