Preview: Drop Dead Festival

by Guest Blogger

Sleek Magazine’s Amy Binding pulls back the curtain on Berlin’s coolest creepshow, opening on Halloween.

Drop Dead Festival 1

Forget what plans you think you might have made for Halloween, shove that college kid Scream mask to the back of the wardrobe, burn your “sexy” devil costume, and don’t even think about bobbing for those damn apples, because this year Halloween in Berlin is going to get dark. Real dark.

Drop Dead Festival 2

For the second year in a row, New York’s biggest DIY underground music and art festival returns to Berlin to make you shake your skeleton in Neukölln’s cavernous Cube club. The music ranges from new wave to post punk to industrial to grime, with heavyweights such as Pictureplane, Butterclock, Bestial Mouths, Lene Lovich, Dandi Wind, and Sad Lovers & Giants, to name just a few of the acts who will be invading your personal space throughout this year’s Drop Dead Festival.

Drop Dead Festival 4

All Hallow’s Eve marks the opening of the five day event with a special Halloween PURGE party with highlights such as Deathface and Crim3s, a live drumming installation from Einstürzende Neubauten’s very own N.U. Unruh, a haunted house from MindPirates e.V., some ritual black magick art installations, and a hell of a lot of fog.

Drop Dead Festival 5

If you are new to the world of the macabre, then perhaps these persuasive words from BlackBlackGold himself can lure your inner esoteric self to join the week-long, downright dirty (in all the good ways) party: “Lots of black. Lots of rare and interesting music. Lots of interesting haircuts.”Oh my gawd I haven’t see you in forEHHHHVVeerrr”. Vendors. Haunted houses.Multiple dance floors. Art and music installations. Broken glass. Fog. Spilled drinks. Toilets. Cab. Repeat for five days.“

I’ll see you lurking in the darkness on the 31st then…

Drop Dead Festival 3

Full event details can be found on the Drop Dead Festival website

Drop Dead Flyers

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