Fashion Week Friend: Golestaneh

by Zoë Noble

Last week at Berlin Fashion Week I met the lovely Golly of I spotted her outside the tent and thought she had amazing effortless style. After we chatted for a bit, I found out that not only does she have impeccable taste in clothes, but she even has her own fashion store to showcase them in! Originally a lawyer, she has swapped her briefcase for a bucket bag to start a new life as a buyer and store owner. It’s always inspiring to meet someone who has finally taken the life-changing decision to follow their passion and see where it takes them, and looking at the website and the products she has picked, I can see that Golly isn’t going to have any problems with this new career of hers. I for one would want to own everything in her shop and seeing as though it’s in Cologne, thankfully I have some time to save up before the trip!


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