Fischerspooner live in Berlin

by James Glazebrook

A few hasty iPhone snaps from the amazing Fischerspooner performance at the Avant/Garde Diaries Transmission1, in bcc. Unfortunately, some dangerous douchebaggery on the crowd’s behalf shut down the show halfway through – if you want to read what happened, and aren’t offended by foul language (I was pretty pissed off when I wrote it), click here.

Berlin, you C***TS

by James Glazebrook

Well done Berlin, you cunts. You just shut down one of the best shows I’ve ever seen: Fischerspooner at the Avant/Garde Diaries, BCC.

I should have sensed it coming when you seemed jealous that you weren’t the centre of attention, that trained performance artist and pop star Casey Spooner *somehow* stole your spotlight. The crowd-surfing – at a dance gig – was a giveaway.

But then when Herr Spooner splashed you with water to get your attention and you responded with a full bottle of water, aimed at one of his five-foot-nothing dancers, that was the final straw. No, sorry, the final straw was the wine glass that followed. Rightfully so, everyone exited the stage, and then Spooner returned to explain why the band – who had travelled from Moscow just to be here – *couldn’t* carry on the show.

Now that it’s all over, far too soon, here’s a reality check. Bottles *do* get thrown at gigs – at hardcore gigs where you would be ground into pulp. But that doesn’t happen at “gigs” like this, thinly-veiled (but expertly-curated) car launches. If you want to be subversive and anti-everything, fuck off down to Kreuzberg to watch some second-hand-punk crap. And if, like the injured dancer said, you aren’t here to see the show – fuck off.

What is wrong with you, Berlin? If your crowds move at all, it’s to abuse the people who have showed up to entertain you. Seriously, fuck off.

On a happier note, you can find photos of the (half)show here.