Katie’s Blue Cat

by James Glazebrook

When we moved to “Kreuzkölln” (ew) seven months ago I would bemoan the lack of decent coffee this side of the Landwehrkanal; now it seems like every other street has an excellent café. Competition is fierce for the title Best Coffee in Berlin, so let me word this carefully: Katie’s Blue Cat produces the smoothest flat white south of Mitte… if you get lucky with the barista. It doesn’t kick like Passenger Espresso‘s double-shot caffeine bomb, and neither is produced as consistently as the velvety creations from The Barn

Anyway, the real draw at Katie’s is their baked goods, all made in-store. We’re steadily working our way through the range of cookies, flapjacks, cheesecakes, and one-offs like chocolate and peanut butter pie and, on Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie. While our waistlines suffer, our tastebuds rejoice – and we’ll frequent the Blue Cat until we can’t fit through the door. And then we’ll switch to their delivery service(!), until our fingers are too fat to dial. But don’t let the image of our impending morbid obesity put you off – get down to Katie’s Blue Cat for sweet coffee and even sweeter treats.