Music Montag: Sway Clarke II covers “Swimming Pools (Drank)”

by James Glazebrook

The world domination of “Swimming Pools (Drank)” continues! The Kendrick Lamar instant-classic has found its way to Berlin and nestled into the loving arms of Canadian musician Sway Clarke II. Originally from Toronto, SCII decided to settle in Berlin after a world backpacking tour and a year in southern Germany, and since then has written for John Legend, a few Til Schweiger films, and even sung on Tinie Tempah‘s upcoming album! As you can tell by Clarke’s reinterpretation of “Swimming Pools”, he literally-not-literally shits talent, and obviously has a promising solo career ahead of him. But I still can’t decide if I prefer the above version, produced in part by Rihanna collaborator Mikey Mike, or this epic acoustic rendition recorded at Funkhaus Studio Berlin…

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