überlin does Portugal: Lisbon

by James Glazebrook

Portugal flag sun

“Lisbon is the new Berlin.” That’s what we keep hearing from people who go to Portugal to escape the increasingly-hyped German capital, if only for a few days. However, we can neither confirm or deny that concept, as we went to Lisbon to top up on everything we can’t get here, like beaches, fresh seafood and ancient European history. We couldn’t tell you what the clubs are like, or the bars for that matter, and we didn’t bother to find out what the absolute best restaurants are; instead, we treated the city like one big highlight.

überlin does Lisbon

We hiked up the city’s narrow, winding streets, marvelling at the buildings’ intricate tilework and walls painted colours we’ve never seen anywhere else, before taking a boat cruise along the Tagus river. If forced to dish out practical tips, we’d recommend getting lost in the labyrinthian Alfama, Lisbon’s oldest district, hiking to the top of the highest hill you can find to enjoy the views across the city and its beautiful bay, and hiring a car to get to some areas of real natural beauty. More on that later – for now, here are our impressions of Lisbon.

Lisbon tram streetcar

Lisbon tiles

Lisbon architecture

Lisbon bright colours

Lisbon scaffolding

Lisbon flowers

Lisbon nuns river front

Lisbon 25 de Abril Bridge

Lisbon yellow

Lisbon lion tiles

Lisbon dusk twilight

Lisbon Afalma dusk twilight

Lisbon Afalma night

Lisbon tram streetcar night


Photos by Zoë Noble Photography

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