Love Loft

by James Glazebrook

As in, we love our loft. Don’t worry, we don’t call our new apartment the Love Loft, in an MTV Cribs “this is where the magic happens” kind of way. In fact, sharing one room with two cats 24/7 pretty much guarantees that NOTHING happens here. Aaaanyway… here’s where we’re going to be living, for at least the next two and a bit months: a converted printing fabrik in the heart of gritty Kreuzberg 36. It may be deeply impractical – we could do with some walls, more curtains and a bathroom bigger than an upright coffin – but it’s a great “space” in which to work and hang out, hipster-dickhead-style. And we love it.

Love Loft 1

Love Loft 2Love Loft 3Love Loft 4Love Loft 5