Music Montag: BLITZKIDS mvt.

by James Glazebrook


Who the hell are BLITZKIDS mvt? What information is out there about this Berlin-based art/music project is either in German or utterly nonsensical, or both. “Do you remember the time, when people fell in love with an extra-terrestrial?… Have you also been sucked into another dimension whilst sat in your bathtub?” Er… Anyway, the mantra “water, water, a glass of fresh water” suggests that words are nowhere as important to this high-concept pop as images. I’ll just let this super-stylized video for second single “Water” – think Gaga meets Goldfrapp in Gareth Pugh – speak for itself.

The Water EP is out now on Oh! My God It’s Techno Music!; catch them at SO36 on 12th August.

This article originally appeared on Bang Bang Berlin.