Music Montag: Carpet of Horses

by James Glazebrook

Carpet of Horses by Greta Riondato

by Greta Riondato

This picture tells you two things about this man: 1) he is from either Canada or the American Midwest, and 2) he makes folk music. Indeed, Canadian (right first time!) Tobin James Stewart makes beautiful pastoral music that delights even the most reluctant user of the f-word. His Carpet of Horses project, which started as a recording experiment in his Toronto bedroom, has travelled with him to his Berlin base via Tel Aviv, drawing in international collaborators and growing in ambition and production scale. The new six-track EP It’s Only Light, recorded across the three cities, embraces ambient atmospherics, swelling post-rock experimentalism and down-home plucked acoustic guitars. Listen to it below, buy it at the Carpet of Horses bandcamp, and make it the soundtrack to your winter.