Music Montag: Coco Jamboo!

by James Glazebrook


Brrrr! If we were smart Berliners we would have already booked our flights to Brazil this winter. But aren’t that clever or that rich – and neither are you – so lets have Mr President take us there.

When “Coco Jamboo” hit the UK top ten (and number 1 in pretty much the rest of Europe), we had no idea that it was made in Germany. In fact, we only learned that when we read the draft version our own book! From What I Know About Germans:

After all, Germans embrace one hit wonders. Royalties from German radio single-handedly keep the singers the rest of the world wants to forget in rent money.

Enjoy this sonic Sunny Delight, and if you’re in need of more help shaking off the (upcoming) winter blues, look no further: How to Survive a Berlin Winter.

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