Music Montag: DENA – “Summer Doesn’t Mean A Thing”

by James Glazebrook

DENA at At SXSW13 / pic by Tonje Thilesen

DENA at At SXSW13 / pic by Tonje Thilesen

“Summer Doesn’t Mean A Thing” is about the disappearing feeling of warmth and the faded colours of the summer when love is gone. It’s a song I wrote while trying to hold on to the last glimpses of a feeling in the middle of a burning heat a while ago. I was interested to explore the contrast between the intensity of summer life outside on the streets and the feeling of a freezing cold wind inside of me.

“Robot Koch, who is an excellent producer I had the honour to work with on a few tracks before, had sent me this beat and I immediately knew this was it. The sadness of the accordion described perfectly the vibe, and the smooth beat felt like the love you want to hold on to while it’s melting down like an ice cream under the burning sun.

DENA, talking to noisy.