Music Montag: Jean Jacques

by James Glazebrook

Jean Jacques by Mick Morley

Mick Morley

Anyone who’s got drunk with me knows that I don’t care about politics/activism/issues/anything. But when it comes to Jean Jacques, I’m totally drinking his sweet sweet Kool Aid. The Berlin-based singer, songwriter and producer seems to have a “what have you got?” attitude to the causes he backs – describing himself as “an activist for Greenpeace, other environmental groups, human rights, animal rights issues” – and his unique brand of electro-punk has me reaching for my petition pen.

Combining the bug-eyed dogma of Jello Biafra, the schizophrenic pop of Sebastien Tellier, an ickly bitty dubstep and… something a little more measured (Apparat? Radiohead?), the Fuck That Shit EP is out now on Jazzsteppa. Listen to it below, and get it on iTunes.

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