New Tattoos

by James Glazebrook

Ever since we got our first tattoos at AKA, we’ve been itching (not literally!) to get more. No matching designs this time, though. As I’m a little more impulsive than Zoë, and a lot less concerned about what is indelibly inked onto my body, I went ahead without her for tattoos two and three. Having said that, she still plays a part in the designs – she was there at the Fischerspooner concert where we saw the neon light that was basis for the upside-down pyramid on my right arm, and she *is* the Z that now appears on my ring finger.

If you like these, and are looking for sharp tattoos with poker-straight lines, I totally recommend Ana at White Light Tattoo. I have a bunch more tattoo ideas in my head, and I’ll be getting them all done there!

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