Berlin Moment: 5th November 2015

by Zoë Noble

Berlin architecture colourful buildings

Berlin Burger Tour, Stop 2: White Trash Fast Food

by James Glazebrook

Having sampled and scored Berlin Burger International in Neukölln, this week the Berlin Burger Tour rolled into White Trash Fast Food. If you’ve never been, then shame on you – call yourself a travelling hipster expat twat?! Here’s how I described it to The Style King:

A riot of food, booze and rock n’ roll, this expat hangout is more adult playground than mere restaurant. Lined with gaudy Oriental decorations, the walls of White Trash Fast Food house a tattoo shop, smoking cinema, stage for live music and The Diamond Lounge, home of go-go dancers and DJs like Berlin-based electro shocker Peaches. Wash down the King Elvis Supreme Burger with super strong cocktails or a “bucket o’ beer” and (if you can still stand) rock the night away.

The connoisseurs among you should also note that, right now, the usual roster of entertainingly-named burgers (Marquis de Fuck burger with Fuck You Fries, anyone?) is joined by an octopus burger. The following photo and analysis comes courtesy of @superglaze: “Tender and tasty, but it could have done with a tartar sauce or something similar to bring the flavour out a bit more.”

White Trash Octopus Burger

We überliners were busy either being, or tending to the, ill, so we won’t bore you with our opinions about White Trash. Here instead are the scores and comments from our “judging panel”, and courtesy of Digital Cosmonaut, a couple of photos of them having fun without us ???? :
White Trash Fast Food scores

“The chili sauce on the meat patty was AWESOME. But to be honest I waited so long for the burger that anything would have tasted amazing – 45 minutes or so I think it was. Too long. So I didn’t tip. The waitress was not happy.”

“tasty food, big portion, big price”

“The place was cool, liked the atmopshere and obviously the great company. Food was alright and a bit expensive..”

“Burger International was better.”

“fries lukewarm, lower half of bread soggy and crumbling appart due to meat juice, Burger itself was good, meat was very good. i suggest adding a “service” category – service was dead slow, the waitress was crap, took over 30 minutes for drinks to come, took at least an hour for food to arrive.”

“Paying a cover for a restaurant? Pah!”

For the price I would have expected more.

“The burger was thick and meaty, well cooked on the outside, pink on the inside and a nice slab of melted cheese on top. I got extra mayo without a problem when I asked. The bun was too crumbly. It fell apart while I was trying to eat the burger and I ended up having to use a *gasp* knife and fork.”

Berlin Burger Tour at White Trash Fast Food

Next stop: ROOM 77! More details here.

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