by James Glazebrook

Silo Friedrichshain

We may be wrong, but it feels like there’s been no decent coffee in Friedrichshain since No Fire, No Glory moved up to P Berg. So we welcome Silo, recently opened by two Aussies bringing with them flat white-making skills and a shared obsession with all things caffeinated. They’re indebted to The Barn, which is where they source their roasted beans and borrow some of their techniques, but they beat out Mitte’s micro-café in square meterage, interior design and welcoming atmosphere. Try the filter coffee specials – I enjoyed a blueberry-imbued Ethiopian – or go on Tuesday, for one of Silo’s public cuppings (full details on their Facebook page).

Silo Friedrichshain bar

Silo Friedrichshain abstract painting

Silo Friedrichshain roasted in Berlin

Silo Friedrichshain Olive

Silo Friedrichshain books

Silo Friedrichshain Olive close up