The Weekend in Berlin, June 29-July 1

by James Glazebrook

The Weekend in Berlin, June 29-July 1

Another BIG weekend in Berlin. We’ve got no chance of doing everything we want to, so we need you to help us out. See you out and about!

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Friday 29th June

New Order – an exhibition

Get Ready

We managed to miss both New Order live and a talk from the band and Peter Saville, but we’re making sure to get down .HBC, for a showing of Saville’s cover art before it closes on July 4th.
New Order – An exhibitionFrom June 21 until July 4, 2012, Electronic Beats will be presenting "New Order – an exhibition" at .HBC near Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. Th…
Notes of Berlin book launch

From blog to book to booze

BOOK LAUNCH "NOTES OF BERLIN" AT ARTCONNECT BERLIN HQ | FacebookSign Up Connect and share with the people in your life.
Notes of Berlin was our favourite blog when we first moved to Berlin, its crowdsourced notes from around the city expressing the residents’ loves, hates, and sense of humour. Now the notes have been compiled into a book, with the best on show at the “Notes of Berlin” book launch.
The Night of Sound and Light

PHIA and Ooi play an intimate house concert in Kreuzberg

You only need one good reason to attend this: PHIA’s thumb piano/loop pedal cover of Radiohead’s “15 Step”.


Saturday 30th June


Suzies Ashes and Candice Gordon head a bill of talented Irish expats

‘HEAD’ featuring Suzies Ashes, Candice Gordon and Tomas Nochteff | FacebookSign Up Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.
To get all excited, read my review of SA’s storming set at CCCP Bar last year. W00T!
Review: Suzies Ashes @ CCCP Bar, 16th September 2011 BANG BANG BERLIN, Berlin Fashion art and club scene magazineCCCP Bar is wrong in all the right ways. It looks like a Jersey Shore take on White Trash, just up the road, and the crowd is a boozy coc…
Married to the Beats

A brand new night dedicated to the endless quest for the perfect beat(s)


A break from the Berlin clubbing norm, MTTB puts the focus on music that picked up where hip hop stopped, with a common love of the beat. The awesome space of Panke in Wedding plays host to international and German talent, both live and DJs, and the beats won’t stop until the early morn.

Married To The Beats Episode 1 | FacebookSign Up Connect and share with the people in your life.

Sunday 1st July

WMP Flohmarkt

We Make Party!

A good omen: “Mak(e)(ing) Party” is only our favourite Deutsch phrase! We haven’t been to a good flea market in a long time, so we’re really looking forward to browsing WMP’s clothes, furniture and artworks, and checking out their photobooth, food from local producers etc, etc…
WMP FlohmarktWMP Flohmarkt
Viel Spass!

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