Restaurant Tim Raue

by James Glazebrook

Tim Raue Restaurant Meal

If you’re in Berlin and into food, you will have heard of Tim Raue. The former delinquent from Kreuzberg is the ultimate Berliner-made-good, now running three restaurants, including his eponymous flagship – one of just four Berlin establishments to have earned two Michelin stars. We were lucky enough to be invited to Restaurant Tim Raue and sat at the chef’s table (The Krug Table), for an introduction from the man himself. Raue started us off with eight small dishes, which illustrated how he tailors Asian cuisine to fit European tastes – and in the case of the not-actually-alive drunken prawns – local food laws! Over six succulent courses, we sampled high-quality ingredients prepared meticulously, from caviar to Cantonese-style langoustine to truffle brought all the way from Australia. We aren’t the food writers to do Restaurant Tim Raue justice, so we’ll leave that to Berlin Food Stories, and jump straight into the pretty pictures – feast your eyes!

Tim Raue Restaurant Menu

Tim Raue Restaurant Starter Closeup

Tim Raue Restaurant Gurken Dish

Tim Raue Restaurant Meal

Tim Raue Restaurant Meal

Tim Raue Restaurant Meal Shot from Above

Tim Raue Restaurant Dessert

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