In Case You Missed It: Snow in Berlin

by Zoë Noble

Olive and Adrian playing in the snow

The Iceman Cometh! Oh wait, that’s just James… So we may not have had a white Christmas in Berlin, but we had the next best thing – a pleasant drift of the white stuff a few days later, and then streets clear of sludge by New Year’s Eve. Just in case there isn’t more snow to come, we made sure to get out in it, with Olive and our awesome visiting friend Adrian in tow. Both of them seemed to have fun!

Olive in the sun

Tree branches covered in snow

Adrian and James walking

James in black and white

Maybachufer frozen canal

überlin logo in snow

Swan flying over Maybachufer canal

Admiralbrücke canal

Lens flare and branches

Olive in the snow

Chicago in Winter

by James and Zoe

You may have noticed that überlin has been a bit quiet of late. Sorry about that! The thing is, I spent most of January in Chicago being trained for a new job :). It was bastard freezing (-35C with wind chill!), so I spent most of the time cabbing from my hotel to the heated office to warm restaurants, eating as much as I could to insulate myself against the cold – at least that’s what I told myself. But when Zoë joined me for the last week of my trip, we managed to do some exploring. Our favourite views of city were from the shoreline of the colossal Lake Michigan (300 miles long, 100 miles across), around the campus of Loyola University and along Lake Shore Drive in Downtown. It’s been nice getting back to the relative warmth (!) of Berlin, but we’re excited to share with you these beautiful images of Chicago in winter. Enjoy.

Blowing in the wind


Frozen Chicago lake

Frozen treek trunk in Chicago

Flying bird in Chicago

Tree veins against blue sky

Frozen footpath in Chicago

Chicago Tree Veins

Chicago skyscrapers and frozen lake

Chicago skyscrapers

Winter Wonderland

by Zoë Noble

As well as concealing countless drug dealers, Hasenheide Park contains many other hidden gems, such as… whatever this is. We suppose that, when temperatures reach positive Celsius, this turns into a fountain, but beyond that, your guess is as good as ours. What is clear though is that, during winter, it takes on an otherworldly aspect which makes for wonderful photos. Enjoy.

hasenheide berlin park statue hasenheide berlin park bench hasenheide berlin park bench hasenheide berlin park leaves hasenheide berlin park frozen leaves in ice hasenheide berlin park statue ball hasenheide berlin park trees and berries