Peaches at Lost Lectures Berlin

by James Glazebrook

Peaches at Lost Lectures Berlin

You must know by now that we LOVE Peaches. Well, we were lucky enough to catch her, and a bunch of other inspirational speakers, at the inaugural Lost Lectures in Berlin. Pretty soon, the Lost Blog will post videos from the event in Stadtbad Wedding, including talks about 3D printing, community gardening platforms, open government, the theory that free will is an evolutionary construct and some pretty radical art, as well as the personal and affirming speech that led up to Ms. Nisker’s trip across the audience’s outstretched arms. Until then, enjoy watching the queen of electro-shock walking across hands and singing opera at the same time ????

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex*

by James Glazebrook

(*But Were Afraid to Ask Sexpat About)

Sexpat and the City logo

Our resident Sexpat, Lucy, wants you to help her, help you! 

OK! So we have decided to spice up this whole Sexpat vibe. Instead of me just talking about “things” that I find interesting, I thought maybe it would be cool to get you all involved.

This is how it will work:

  1. Comment on this post with topics you would liked me to discuss. Example: Man maintenance – what’s that all about?
  2. OR tweet about your desired subject to @uberlinblog with the hashtag #asksexpat.
  3. überlin will curate the top 10 (round number) and you will all vote on what you would like covered, by me.

The thing is – I love a good bit of interaction, it makes me feel popular/ wanted – and God knows, everyone wants to feel popular and wanted. Yes – I’m also semi-lazy, and am finding it harder and harder to come up with “things” to talk about. But this way – you get involved, and I feel relevant. Win/win.

So… what’s on your mind?

Preview: Desertfest Berlin 2013

by James Glazebrook

Desertfest Berlin 2013 poster

Desertfest Berlin is the “ULTIMATE HEAVYROCKPSYCHODOOM FESTIVAL”, and naturally I’m on the verge of shitting my pants with excitement about it. The 30+ band lineup of this three-day sludgefest reads like a who’s who of the doom and stoner metal subgenres, headlined by the almighty Pentagram, Witchcraft and post-Kyuss stonersupergroup Unida. As well as beardy men with downtuned guitars, Astra Kulturhaus will be playing host to an art exhibition from Arrache Toi Un Oeil (interviewed here) and a delightful sounding Hippie Corner Market. Check out the full lineup below, and you’ll see why überlin is a proud partner of Desertfest Berlin 2013 (within spitting distance of Metal Hammer on the sponsors page!). Um, ROAR.

To read all about Desertfest Berlin 2013, click on the banner in the sidebar >>> 

Music Montag: Jenny Berkel

by James Glazebrook

Jenny Berkel

“Haunt folk”, really? We’re fans of this new-maybe-going-to-not-quite-happen sub-genre, but we are big fans of its finest (only?) proponent, Jenny Berkel. To us, the Canadian singer-songwriter’s music just sounds like good folk: stark, delicate and, by turns, frosty and warm. Berkel is playing Berlin this week as part of her European tour, so check out the charmingly lo-fi animated video for “Like a Rope” below, stream the debut album Here on a Wire on her website, and catch her arresting live show at Vögelchen this Saturday (April 6th).

Music Montag: MUMMAA

by James Glazebrook

This is some crazy shit. The Kaotic World EP was produced using just a Korg Kaosillator and recorded in a series of one-take blasts by Berlin-based, Scottish solo artist MUMMAA. Described as “alt-pop” by their creator, tracks like “Kaos Theory” and “Melancholy for a Megadrive” owe more to old school rave and chiptunes, like the soundtrack of some long-forgotten 16 bit video game. Kaotic World can be heard in all its wonky wonder below, under the video of MUMMAA busking in Paris, and is available for free download over on the artist’s Bandcamp.