Video Exclusive: K_chico, “Burn”

by James Glazebrook

k_chico Burn

I’ve been writing about music long enough to feel like I’ve heard it all before. So I get super-excited when I see or hear something unique (to me), like K_chico‘s new track “Burn” and its photo-morphing video:

Berlin-based K_chico namechecks blues legends like John Lee Hooker, but obviously draws just as much from electronica – with “Burn” also tipping its hat to Depeche Mode and the quieter moments of Black Strobe’s Burn Your Own Church album. The video, directed and produced by the artist himself, was a real labour of love – those three-odd minutes took five months to plan and shoot.

Some more facts about the awesome “Burn” video:

Pre-production – 5 months
Days of shooting photos – 2
Total photos taken – 3,072
Photos used in the video – 256
Average time taken to morph one scene – 6 hours
Scenes morphed in total – 108
Scenes used in the video – 42
Actual videos used in video – 3

You can find out more about K_chico on his website, and hear what makes him tick by listening to his mixtape of “love songs” from Nick Cave, Ladytron and (!) Mr Oizo. ♥