Metal Montag: Comeback Kid

by James Glazebrook

Mike T West brings the Mosh Montag!

Comeback Kid

Oodles of top stuff has escaped from Canada: Chromeo, Scott Pilgrim and Due South, to name but a few. This Friday, one of the nation’s harder exports Comeback Kid will chokeslam Friedrichshain in half, as part of the moshtastic 4th annual Mazine Rebellion Tour (Rebellion 4 to the “kids”).

Originally formed earlier this century as a side project, these hardcore Canucks (CBK to the “kids”) are still tearing up stages across the globe. After releasing the cruelly-underrated Symptoms + Cures in 2010, they will soon be celebrating the 10th anniversary of their debut LP Turn It Around. With a live show that is 200% pure punk – first-distilled at the Melodic HC brewery then fermented over years spent playing festivals, tours and toilets of varying size – Comeback Kid are a sonic dragon punch to the face.

Now in its fourth iteration, the Rebellion Tour has been windmilling across Europe this month, and is the only event this weekend where it will be socially acceptable to break someone’s nose. Also appearing are LA mosh architects Terror who will be activiating the pit with their pattented “vogelisms”(Current favourite – “I want to see exactly 17 stagedives during this song. No more. No less.”) Joining them are English metal oiks Your Demise and New Yoik thug cheesecakes, bitch-its-please-mothertuggin’ Madball!

Stike a dirty scene pose with the crew this Friday at Astra Kulturhaus, Revaler Str. 99, from 7pm.

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