Music Montag: Antoni Maoivvi

by James Glazebrook

Antoni Maoivvi

You know you’re onto something when a Google image search leads you to the above picture, an equally bloody hand holding aloft a human heart, a photo of the artist dressed in 1970s undercover cop gear, and this!

Creepy imagery aside, here’s what I was able to find out about Antoni Maiovvi:

He’s based in Berlin, but was born in Bristol. His neo-80s synth music bears little relation to the sonic output of either city.

He’s actually called Anton Maiof, presumably inflecting his alias to sync with Italo heroes like Georgio Moroder.

Like Moroder comparison, Maiovvi produces driving disco that is cinematic in scope. Check out his track “The Chase part 1″, below, for proof. And this photo:

Fuck Yeah Antoni Maiovvi

He has a wicked sense of humour. His twisted blog includes tips for students going to university – 1. Pack nothing, 2. Avoid everyone – and A Guide To 21st Century Marketing using the Charles Manson Technique.

He’s also a favourite of Radio Spätkauf, a couple of internationals who produce a podcast about life here in Berlin.

He is prolific. If his SoundCloud is anything to go by, he’s progressing his Maiovvi alias by adding his own vocals to the mix (the resulting “sleazepop” track “My Moon” is a little XX-meets-Trentemøller), and producing lolfully exotic jams as Armenian Lover, ambient as Anton Caligula(!) Maiof and more Bristolian bass tracks as Ghettoscraper.

He is your new favourite electronic artist. Enjoy.

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