Music Montag: CREATURES

by James Glazebrook


I’m a fan of loaded, tragically romantic lyrics in my music. One of my favourite lines begins Elbow’s stunning “Newborn”: “I’ll be the corpse in your bathtub / Useless.” And another appears in the title track of CREATURES‘ new EP, New Campaigns: “I want promises running like trackmarks down my arm.” Damn. We’ve featured the Berlin-based two-piece on überlin before, but their new release (out now on Wait What? Records and Motor Entertainment!) seems to be plumbing new depths of despair. In a good way.

If that sounds good to you, check out New Campaigns on iTunes, Amazon or Spotify. And if it’s a tad too emo for you (you weirdo), then maybe you’d prefer the swelling, lush sound of “Supposedly”, the lead single from the same EP. Beautiful.

CREATURES play live at the Schokoladen’s Lofi Lounge this Wednesday, 19th November – full details here.