Music Montag: Halloween Monster Mash Up

by James Glazebrook


All Hallow’s Eve is still a week away, but we started celebrations early at the Halloween edition of Feeling Gloomy Berlin. DJing at Feeling Goolish gave me a chance to dust off my most diabolical dancefloor-fillers for a set full of questionable choices like playing Slayer’s borderline Nazi-sympathetic “Angel of Blood”. In Berlin. In makeup that, in a certain light, looked like I had a swastika on my forehead. My defence? I was playing the DJ Ayres “Fuck Off Nazi Punks” remix… obviously.

Anyway, below is a home recording of said set. See if you can guess which tracks I left out to spare the sanity of the crowd, and which ones I decided to play anyway ;).

As a bonus for everyone with access to Spotify (sorry again Germany!), here is a playlist to get you in the mood as you apply the grease paint and fake blood for whatever Monster Bash you are going to this weekend: Warm Up The Dead.

PS: can you guess who I was dressed as?