Music Montag: Kraftwerk Kover Kollection by DJ Food

by James Glazebrook

Kraftwerk Kover Kollection 5

Tomorrow Kraftwerk start a week-long retrospective series at MoMA in New York, performing one seminal album each night, backed by 3D visualisation. Now I know they are from Düsseldorf, not Berlin BUT: we can reach them by der Autobahn and everyone everywhere has been influenced by the Men Machines – Berlin’s electronic musicians included.

Proving this point (the second point, not the Autobahn thing) is Ninja Tune’s DJ Food, who for six years running compiled hour-long mixes of cover versions, sample-heavy tracks or songs that obviously owe a debt to the Düsseldorf quartet. Check out Food’s website for more infectious fanboy-ism (including his own artwork for the mixes) or listen via the players below, as he seamlessly blends the Werk of David Byrne, Erasure, Whitney Houston, Jay-Z and Rammstein(!). Kling Klang!