Music Montag: Petula

by James Glazebrook

Petula black and white

I think loop pedals are the best thing ever. They make the Battles trio sound like a full orchestra (of Smurfs), and allow singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalists to ditch their bands, follow their own artistic vision… and then reproduce it in full, live. That’s why Berlin-based PHIA sounds so special; likewise, her angsty male counterpart, Petula.

Petula is a solo project of Sn Cleemann, who describes his sound as “loop tectonics, honey-y melody and the occasional clicky beat. It’s all action, drama, beauty – it’s all well buried under layers’n’layers of microsound.” As much about passionate performance as pristine production, Cleemann has to be seen live for the full emo effect – these fan videos should give you a rough idea:

Petula’s most recent release is a split EP with The Micronaut, out now on Dia Records. Check it out below, and buy it over here.

Catch Petula’s emotive live show at:

15.09. Tiefgrund
19.09. Festsaal Kreuzberg
29.09. Kastanienkeller

…and check out for more updates.

[EDIT: Petula just sent me a link to the video for “Say Yes”, so here it is in all its cute, crafty glory]