Music Montag: Rolo Tomassi

by James Glazebrook

Rolo Tomassi

By Mike T West.

Sheffield noise troupe Rolo Tommasi return to our fair city tonight to shove a mathcore-shaped ray gun up yo ass!

After a year that saw them taking a break, leaving their record label, creating a new one, losing two of their original members and busily being awesome, the art rock upstarts are back tearing through Europe this month in support of their blistering third album, Astraea. Released on their own record label Destination Moon and produced by Jason Sanderson, the new LP is as complex as we have come to expect but with a fresh sense of direction. This is as much to do with new guitarist Chris Cayford and bassist Nathan Fairweather as it is the sound of five artists unwilling to dilute their sound for the mainstream.

One of the UK’s most unique and stunning live acts will be sticking a musical ice pick in your ears tonight at Wild At Heart, Kreuzberg from 9pm.

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