Music Montag: Eliza Hull

by James Glazebrook

Eliza Hull

Eliza Hull timed her trip to Berlin well. Now that the sun’s come out, the Australian singer-songwriter’s music is also warming us through, like the aural equivalent of the long light of a summer’s eve. Inspired by influences like The xx and Lamb, Hull backs her beautiful voice with delicate beats and soft, subtle instrumentation. Check out the video to the heartbreaking “Echoes”, produced by Berlin-based visual artist Jem the Misfit, below – and make sure you catch Eliza when she plays at Intersoup next Tuesday, 23rd April.

Berlin Portrait: Luisa Weiss, The Wednesday Chef

by James Glazebrook

We think that the best way to discover Berlin is through the eyes of the people who live here. For our Berlin Portrait series, we’re asking artists, musicians and other interesting Berliners to introduce us their corner of the city. Join us as Luisa Weiss, food blogger and author of My Berlin Kitchen, introduces us to her Charlottenburg.

Luisa Weiss My Berlin Kitchen

How long have you been here?

Well, I moved to Berlin in December 2009, so the short answer is that I’ve been here for three-and-a-half years. But the long answer is that I was born here and spent my childhood between Berlin, where my mother lived (still does, actually) and Boston, where my father and I moved after my parents divorced. I went to high school in Berlin and then left for college in 1995. After finishing university in the States, I got a job in New York and stayed there for ten years before deciding to move home again in 2009.

Luisa Weiss flowers

What brought you here?

A combination of factors: my lifelong homesickness for the city and my love affair with my husband being the most important ones.

Tell us about your Kiez, and what you like about it.

We live in northwest Charlottenburg, near Klausener Platz and across the street from Schloss Charlottenburg. I wasn’t sure about the neighborhood when we first found the apartment. At first glance, it seemed weirdly anonymous. But now that we’ve settled in, I love it so much, I never want to leave. It’s a really peaceful neighborhood. Incredibly quiet and verdant, but it still feels like you’re close to all kinds of things, with the Schloss across the way and the Berggruen and Bröhan Museums, among others, visible from our living room window. Klausener Kiez is a real mix of Turkish families, young professionals and old ladies – to me it feels very much like the old West Berlin I grew up in.

Luisa Weiss My Berlin Kitchen book

What are your five favourite things in your neighbourhood?

I can walk to the Antikmeile Suarezstrasse, the Lietzensee or the nearby Restaurant Engelbecken in minutes, or I can get lost in the Schlosspark Charlottenburg with its manicured hedges and gardens. I can have delicious Börek from a wood-fired oven or organic tomato-fennel soup with a slice or two of Vollkornbrot from one of Berlin’s oldest Vollkornbäckereien, Brotgarten.

Especially now that we have a baby, I feel like there’s no better place for us to live.

Win guestlist spots for BLOG LOVE IS CREW LOVE

by James Glazebrook

[EDIT: this competition is now closed. Click here to see if we’re running any open competitions] 

We’re DJing noughties hip hop and RN’B at this Nordic by Nature event – plus we have 2 x 2 guestlist spots to give away!

Strictly speaking, this is Norwegian electro-queen Sandra Kolstad‘s album launch, but we (and some bad blog bitches) are gatecrashing the party with a virtual record box full of hip hop and RN’B bangers from the 2000s! To get you in the mood, listen to my mashup (how noughties!) of Destiny’s Child and the Luniz…

…and read these words from event organisers/hypewomen Nordic by Nature:

After thousands of spilled drinks, embarrassing music talks, homemade mixtapes and too much love for Beyoncé we decided to make things real and gather all of us together to make you dance the fierce way. We will use our wisdom to make you feel nice and crazy. We will play our favourite tunes and will call them 00 hits. We will use technic, our typing hands will be thrilled. Who we are? The “High 5” bloggers of Berlin which means we do high 5’s as well and will surround the beloved Sandra Kolstad for her album release at FluxFriday in Berlin.

Crew ♥ is Blog ♥

FluxFM, Nordic by Nature, No Fear Of Pop, Überlin, Lucy vs. the Globe & Ponydanceclyde present FluxFriday with:


* Official Release Party of her new album “(Nothing Lasts) Forever” which will be released on Friday, 15.3. in Germany.


Scroll past this long-forgotten “self love” classic to find out how to win a pair of guestlist spots:


Get this party started! Leave a comment below and post us a link to your favourite hip hop/RN’B anthem from the 2000s.

If it gets our booties shaking, you win! And we might even play it on the night…

You have until 6pm on Thursday 18th April to enter. Good luck!

The Boring Bit (yawn, RULES):

1. You must be 18 years or older to enter.
3. Our favourite track wins. Simple as.
4. Remember to include your full (real) name or we won’t be able to put you on the guestlist!
5. We will announced the winners via our Facebook page on Friday 19th April.

Full event details over on Facebook.

Video: überlin in 140 seconds

by James and Zoe

Here’s an interview we did recently for both German TV channel ZDFinfo and the web series 140 Sekunden (140 Seconds). We’re pretty mortified by our shifty eyes, the sound of our voices and the weird solitary “….yeah” that James says right at the end of the segment, but we’re still glad we did it! Check it if you want to learn a little bit more about us, our thoughts on gentrification and the Give Something Back to Berlin project, and – more importantly – SEE RARE FOOTAGE OF OLIVE. And, for the Germans, here it is auf Deutsch – just scroll through the guy in the orange shirt and the Nazis.

Signs that Summer is Coming to Berlin

by James Glazebrook

With GIFs curated by When You Live in Berlin.

Finally – winter is over! Now that we’re well into April, we seem to have survived the darkest winter on record, as the last ice thaws on the pavements and the sun has started burning through the uniform grey of the Berlin sky. But it’s not all blue skies from here on in – we’re hearing rumours of everything from 20°C heatwaves to even more snow. So while we wait for the all-clear from Mr Sun, click on that SAD lamp and study these signs that summer is indeed coming to Berlin.

Berliners show off their “summer outfits”

Forget shorts and flip-flops, that’s not going to fly in Germany. You might find the natives donning their sensible sandals (with socks), summer edition breathable dayglo Jack Wolfskin anoraks and parasol-cum-umbrellas – because it could still rain at any minute. Neukölln hipsters’ beanies will rise with the temperature, to let the warm breeze caress their pretty heads, and they’ll pull on pastel socks and deck shoes or whatever yacht rock bullshit Williamsburg is exporting this season. But don’t despair – while annoying, this is a sign that summer is just around the corner.

You have to queue for ice cream

Our nth sublet was above an ice cream stand and I shit you not, as soon as the temperature inched above zero and the year’s first sun-rays hit the street, there was a line across it of eager Berliners waiting for their first taste of summer. While this may not be an indicator of what Australians or Brazilians would recognise as summer, this is a sure-fire sign that Germany’s pale imitation is on its way.

People appear at table tennis tables…

You’d be forgiven for thinking that football is Germany’s national sport, but it’s not; that would be table tennis. Did you know that there are more Tischtennis tables than football pitches in Berlin? FACT.* Because, while football requires a certain amount of agility and stamina, literally everyone can play table tennis. It’s the kind of sport that can be mastered on a series of quiet, constructive, not-too-cold Sundays.

*not a fact.

…and tables appear outside cafés and restaurants

Ice cream isn’t the only food Berliners like to consume in unseasonably chilly conditions. If there’s a sliver of sunshine burning through the heavy clouds above the city, you can bet that every square metre of direct daylight will feature a table full of food, and a huddle of locals each wearing a winter coat, pashmina and a wistful pair of shades. Because they know, as soon as summer proper hits in a few weeks, all the good tables will be taken up by verdammten Touristen

Tourists start flooding in

How do they know? We Berliners have all spent the month or so fearing that the whole of 2013 will be one long winter – but at some point during our darkest days, some tourist somewhere was like, “Oh yeah, by the middle of April Berlin will be glorious” *books Ryanair ticket*. Now we have to spend the next few months being confused for tourists, with everyone in our Kiez speaking resentful English to us and forgetting that we hate the invading hordes as much as they do. (Joke.)

Open Airs

As soon as you start getting Facebook invites for open air parties in abandoned amusement parks/Cold War monuments/meat separation plants, you know the weather’s going to improve any day. Because, with the exception of the mentalists who organised Berlin’s first winter open air this January, promoters of sun-dependent parties have a better handle on local weather systems than the Met Office.

Dog shit.

The sight of months-old Hundescheisse thawing on the street outside your apartment might just have you wishing for more snow.

Balkon envy

Summer is the time of year when you stop mocking your friend with the 20m² apartment, whose balcony accounts for half of the total floor space… and start wondering whether you could get away with pushing them off said Balkon. Now that the ground isn’t covered with snow, someone’s bound to notice – it would take a hell of a lot of dog shit to cover the body. But it can’t be that often that Berliners plunge to their death from their own balconies, and in the time it takes the local police to work out what happened, you could be working on your tan. 

So… can you spot any signs that summer is slowly sneaking up on Berlin?

Music Montag: Betting on the Mouse

by James Glazebrook

Betting on the Mouse

Maybe I’ve seen too much Scandi crime drama, but I was expecting very bad things to happen at the end of this video from Copenhagen-born, Berlin-based band Betting on the Mouse. Even if the short for “Hanging On” only hints at a Forbrydelsen-type outcome, it perfectly recreates the creeping tension-build of the track, from the band’s recently released self-titled debut. Follow BOTM on Facebook for more.

Music Montag: Our Lonely Kicks

by James Glazebrook

Our Lonely Kicks

Stunning. Inspired by a summer spent in Berlin, playing at Watergate and recording with Villalobos collaborator Jorge González, “Rain” is a deep electronic slow jam with traces of MDMA coursing through its veins. Australian trio Our Lonely Kicks draw from inspirations like Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Sepalcure, Active Child, How to Dress Well and Thom Yorke, and add their personal voice which makes “Rain” an intimate introduction to the project.

Our Lonely Kicks – Rain from Our Lonely Kicks on Vimeo.