Music Montag: PHIA (Radiohead cover)

by James Glazebrook

Australian-born, Berlin-based PHIA covering “15 Step”, from Radiohead‘s In Rainbows:

Cool huh? We found out about PHIA when the waitress in our local Thai restaurant recognised us and pitched us about a special house concert happening this Friday. Only in Berlin!

Turns out our wait staff was OOi, a classically-trained musician who’s going to perform a solo viola work, a collaboration, and is also going to VJ for PHIA. As for the headliner, she’s going to work her magic armed with a kalimba (thumb piano), a set of loop pedals, and maybe some more rearrangements (scroll down for a Fleet Foxes cover). For details and reservations for this special event, email

PHIA and Ooi live in Kreuzberg