Music Montag: XOSAR

by James Glazebrook


What could be better than a techno producer who listens to a ton of black metal? XOSAR grabbed our attention with this TRVE KVLT mix for Red Bull Music Academy, which presents curios like Italian one-man band Tony Tears and black metal canon from the controversial Burzum, alongside the Californian’s own productions – blackened techno that goes bump in the night. If you like your electronics twisted into nightmarish shapes and smeared with dark mascara, check out XOSAR’s influences below, and listen to her own music on her SoundCloud.

Photo of the Day – April 5, 2015

by Zoë Noble

Berlin TV Tower Fernsehturm

Doggystyle: Lisa and Eda

by Zoë Noble

“She’s a little princess. She has post-menstrual depression after being on heat!”

Doggystyle Streetstyle Berlin Girl in Parka

cute fluffy dog closeup

Photo of the Day – April 2, 2015

by Zoë Noble

Berlin Brick Hail Snow

Doggystyle: Delona and Pippi

by Zoë Noble

20140415-162057-u 20140415-162120-u

Photo of the Day – March 30, 2015

by Zoë Noble

Tempelhof Airport Berlin

Music Montag: Josh the Cat

by James Glazebrook


Here’s a little something chill to ease you into the week: “Let’s Start” by Josh the Cat. Josh has appeared on überlin before, once as his Mez Medallion alter ego, and again as Phia’s long-time “collaborator” (that’s what me and Zoë call it too!). This time, the catman is back, with some serious Erlend Øye vibes and a track that he tantalisingly describes as ” a slowed-down early Twin Shadow meets a lo-fi Death Cab for Cutie, but produced by Childish Gambino”. Have a listen to “Let’s Start” below, and download it for free here. Have a good week :)