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Photo Diary: Landwehrkanal

Photo Diary: Berlin in Autumn

Last Sunday I was severely hungover and debating whether or not to leave my bed. Olive gave me her best “I’m going to shit on your floor” face, so there wasn’t much choice really… thankfully it worked out good for both of us and I had the most amazing day! The weather was perfect. PERFECT. […]

Eat the World’s culinary tour of Kreuzberg

Eat the World have hit upon a neat idea: cultural walking tours with frequent stops at local food outlets, so visitors can discover an area through its cuisine. We love to eat and we love Kreuzberg, so we thought we’d join a group of tourists as they ate their way through our neighbourhood.

Music Montag: Moon Duo

Berlin in black and white, and the invisible man rolling through our hood – from the petting zoo in Hasenheide to our stretch of the Landwehrkanal. It’s Moon Duo’s new German-language single “Ich Werde Sehen”!

Berlin Portrait: Phia

We think that the best way to discover Berlin is through the eyes of the people who live here. For our Berlin Portrait series, we’re asking artists, musicians and other interesting expats to introduce us their corner of the city. Join us as Phia, a singer-songwriter who creates beautiful music with a thumb-piano and loop pedals, shows us around Neukölln and Kreuzberg.

Music Montag: Erkin Gören, “Kanal”

A pretty little acoustic number recorded at, and inspired by, Berlin’s Landwehrkanal.


Defne was a favourite of ours even before we moved to Berlin. We discovered it while strolling along the Landwehrkanal one spring, took friends there on subsequent trips, and continue to use it as our go-to for intimate mid-range dining.